Herbal Oil For Joints


Timeless Ayurveda blends ancient herbs with body’s healing; Ayurvedic Kuzhambu relieves joint strain with Shatapushpa, Mustard, Sesame, and more.

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  • Herbal Oil For Joints


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      Herbal Oil For Joints


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      Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, views the body as a harmonious integration of elements. In this perspective, joint health is paramount for overall well-being. The Ayurvedic Kuzhambu we explore today is a manifestation of this philosophy, bringing together potent herbs to create a therapeutic elixir for joint relief and vitality.


      Shatapushpa:Shatapushpa, or the hundred-petaled flower, contributes its calming essence to the kuzhambu. Known for its aromatic properties, Shatapushpa adds a sensory dimension to the blend.

      Ummathum Kamba:Ummathum Kamba, a traditional Ayurvedic herb, is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory attributes. Its inclusion aids in reducing inflammation, a key concern in joint health.

      Mustard:Mustard, with its warming properties, brings a touch of heat to the kuzhambu. This warmth is believed to be beneficial for promoting circulation and easing joint discomfort.

      Sesame:Sesame, chosen for its nourishing qualities, becomes a carrier for the herbal goodness. Its penetrative nature ensures that the kuzhambu reaches deep into the joints.

      Chenninayakam & Chenchalyam:Chenninayakam and Chenchalyam are Ayurvedic herbs known for their joint-nourishing properties. They play a crucial role in providing the lubrication essential for joint flexibility.

      Ksheera & Ghrutha:Ksheera (milk) and Ghrutha (Ghee) form the nourishing base of the kuzhambu. These ingredients provide a wholesome foundation, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the blend.

      Transformative Benefits 

      Relief from Joint Pain:

      The combined effects of Ummathum Kamba, Mustard, and other supportive herbs work synergistically to provide relief from joint pain. The kuzhambu becomes a soothing balm for tired and achy joints.

      Reducing Inflammation:

      Ummathum Kamba, with its anti-inflammatory properties, acts as nature’s soother, alleviating inflammation and promoting a sense of ease within the joints.

      Lubricating Joints:

      Chenninayakam and Chenchalyam, celebrated for their joint-nourishing attributes, contribute to the lubrication of joints. This vital aspect enhances joint flexibility and overall mobility.


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